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  • Description

    SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit

  • Platform

    C-130 B thru H

SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit 1Summary

Kellstrom Defense’s SHORT-POD® APU modernization kit is approved and certified by Lockheed Martin for replacement of GTC85-71 and ATM systems on pre-1974 C-130B-H aircraft.  The SHORT-POD® APU upgrade eliminates obsolescence and under-performance issues associated with GTC85-71A and air turbine motor system by replacing them with a modern GTCP85-180L engine, which delivers improved performance and reliability, while reducing maintenance costs.  The kit contains all parts needed for the modernization including new engine, airframe components, cowling, control panel, hardware, wiring, and manual supplements for IPC, MM and Flight manual.

Engineering support for installation as well as system training for ground and flight crews is available from Kellstrom Defense.
The SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit is available exclusively through Kellstrom Defense and offers C-130 operators commonality with C-130H APU Systems.  



  • The innovative SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit design is proprietary protected intellectual property of Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, Inc.
  • The SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit is Lockheed Martin approved, licensed, inspected, & hologrammed
  • Successfully installed and flight tested on 78 C-130 aircraft worldwide (16 countries)
  • US Government approved and stock listed (NSN: 1680-01-593-3146)
  • Installation requires no major structural modifications to fuselage, frames, or stringers
  • Can be installed at operator location by operator personnel
  • Quick installation on C-130B-H models, Pre 1974 (serial number 4652 and below)
  • Utilizes same direct drive 40 KVA generator as on engines

Kellstrom Defense Advantages

  • Increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased operational capability and mission readiness
  • Increased Bleed Air Output (150 PPM) provides quicker and more reliable engine starts while reducing excessive starter and turbine wear
  • Reduced need for ground power units
  • Reduced maintenance downtime
  • Lower operating costs
  • Certified airborne operations up to 18,000 feet
  • SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit installation only takes 700 labor hours with no major structural modifications
  • Engine MTBF 3,350 Hours (USAF) 

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