Through partnerships with various OEMs and Lockheed Martin approved MRO Service Providers we have developed, and continue to develop, a range of products that are specifically designed to overcome aircraft systems obsolescence, aircraft component obsolescence and airframe life limiting maintenance requirements.  Kellstrom Defense developed solutions are provided via complete aircraft system upgrade kits or kits of parts required to complete aircraft life limiting maintenance. In most instances our solutions are Platform OEM approved and, in some instances, we have FAA STC approval for the kit and installation.

C-130 SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit

The Kellstrom Defense SHORT-POD® APU modernization kit is approved and certified by Lockheed Martin for replacement of GTC85-71 and ATM systems on pre-1974 C-130B-H aircraft.  The SHORT-POD® APU upgrade eliminates obsolescence and under-performance issues with the existing system.

C-130 Digital Fuel Quantity Measurement Solution (DFQMSTM)

Kellstrom Defense are jointly developing DFQMS with AMETEK and Cascade Aerospace. First of type installation will be conducted shortly for certification. This system can also be adapted to upgrade many varieties of platforms.

The DFQMS Installation kit will completely replace the existing system including all fuel tank probes, all indicators fitted in the flight deck and at the SPR panel and all system wiring harness will be replaced.  The system features improved component technology in aim to reduce aircraft downtime experienced through system or existing system component failure.

C-130 E2H ECS® Flight Station Upgrade

The Kellstrom Defense E2H ECS® Flight Station Upgrade is approved for installation by Lockheed Martin for replacement of C-130 30 PPM ECS System on pre-1974 C-130B-H aircraft. The E2H ECS® Flight Station upgrade eliminates obsolescence and under-performance issues with the existing system.

Wing Skin Replacement Program

Kellstrom Defense has created a proprietary system to extend the life of F5 and T38 wing assemblies by replacement of critical components in lieu of complete wing replacement utilizing the latest in manufacturing and inspection technology.

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