Kellstrom Defense provides distribution, repair services, engineered services, and logistics solutions for U.S. manufactured legacy fighters, transporters, and patrol aircraft and helicopters.

We maintain long-term customer relationships in the domestic and international markets and are uniquely positioned to meet a full range of customer challenges for the defense aircraft maintenance market. Our business model is aligned with building a bundle of parts, services and solutions to meet the needs of military legacy platform operators and maintainers. We believe that our long-term OEM relationships ensure proprietary part availability, and the addition of component MRO and repair management ensure refurbishment needs are addressed. We continue to invest in licensing, proprietary tooling and unique product development to address the late-in-life needs of defense platforms where an OEM solution may no longer be available. The breadth of our solutions for these aircraft operators, across a variety of platforms, is what distinguishes our solution in the global market.

Our group of companies includes distribution, maintenance, repair and overhaul, and engineering & manufacturing divisions. We collectively collaborate with key partnerships to provide a suite of complex solutions that addresses operational readiness for end users maintaining these aging aircraft. We support legacy fixed and rotary wing aircraft including but not limited to F-5, T-38, F-16, F-15, F-18, A-10, C-130, P-3, Boeing 707 derivatives and several rotary platforms. Kellstrom Defense is headquartered in El Segundo, CA, USA, and has over 200 employees and sales representatives strategically located throughout the world.

The Kellstrom Defense Promise

  • People

    The strength of our business comes from the quality and diversity of our employees. We have over two hundred employees in the US, UK, Australia, and Singapore working as one to support our commitment to innovation, transparency, diversity, communication, development, and community engagement.
  • Integrity

    We comply with all international laws and regulations and conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards. We aim to distinguish ourselves through professionalism, transparency, and best practices.
  • Ethical Conduct

    We will conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards and will distinguish ourselves through our professionalism, transparency, and best practices.
  • Trust

    We take customer and partner relationships seriously and are focused on building mutually productive business.
  • Safety

    We ensure that our workplace and products are held to the highest standards to ensure that employee and customer safety come first.
  • Quality

    All products and services provided by Kellstrom Defense and affiliated businesses are designed, manufactured, and sourced in accordance with the highest industry standards. All AS9100 and ISO qualified systems are in place to ensure conformance.
  • Value

    We provide the right combination of products, services, and support to ensure that the aircraft readiness requirements of our customers are met with the right price and a timely delivery.

The Kellstrom Defense Advantage

The respected global leader for defense aircraft sustainment.

Deploying an experienced team and complete capabilities to solve customer challenges.

A respected global leader for defense aircraft sustainment.