We believe in a fundamental community responsibility to develop pathways to opportunity.

Working with our community partners, we support workforce development, financial capability, and community development. We use our strength, expertise, relationships, and access to make a positive impact.

Our social responsibility is to meet the needs of the underserved by directing charitable giving toward our core areas of focus: education, wellness, and community.


  • Programs that focus on science and engineering
  • Programs targeted at kindergarten through post-secondary education
  • Programs that help low-income and at-risk students succeed in school and prepare for advancement
  • Programs that enhance core competencies (such as reading, writing, and math)


  • Initiatives that emphasize quality health care improvements, wellness, and cost containment
  • Positive youth and recreational programs that are directed to promoting responsible citizenship, community involvement, and/or nurturing the well-being of society


  • Economic development in underserved areas
  • Workforce development
  • Scientific literacy and uses of technology
  • Diversity
  • Community building

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