AMETEK Hughes-Treitler

AMETEK Hughes-Treitler (HT) is the industry leader in high-performance, plate-fin aluminum/inconel heat exchangers for military and commercial engine, rotary, airframe, and similar applications. HT specializes in custom, build-to-specification applications, where thermal performance, weight, structural, and reliability are key considerations. HT provides engine surface coolers, fuel-cooled oil coolers, air-cooled oil coolers, high temperature buffer/pre-coolers, and bundled heat exchanger/fan/blower/duct systems for the most challenging applications/requirements.


AMETEK Rotron’s AC and brushless DC fans and blowers, and cooling systems have successfully supported some of the most stringent military and aerospace vehicles, programs, and installations for over 60 years. Rotron products are specifically designed to operate in harsh environments, while delivering effective, efficient, and highly reliable cooling solutions.

The leader in keeping aircraft flying for a safer world