H-60/S-60 Support

As platforms age, OEM support for sustainment diminishes and end-users tasked with maintaining operational readiness are faced with critical supply
chain deficits. Kellstrom Defense offers its military customer base legacy aircraft solutions that address these shortfalls. We are a global provider of comprehensive support for U.S. manufactured legacy defense platforms including fighters, transports,
patrol aircraft and helicopters.

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      • 21
        Air Conditioning
      • 22
        Auto Flight
      • 23
      • 24
        Electrical Power
      • 25
        Equipment & Furnishings
      • 26
        Fire Protection
      • 27
        Flight Controls
      • 28
      • 29
        Hydraulic Power
      • 30
        Ice and Rain Protection
      • 31
        Indicating Systems
      • 32
        Landing Gear
      • 33
      • 34
      • 36
      • 39
        Electronic Panels
      • 51
      • 52
      • 53
      • 54
        Nacelles and Pylons
      • 55
      • 56
      • 57
      • 62
        Rotor Systems
      • 71
        Power Plant
      • 72-79
        Engines & Systems
      • 80
        Engine Starting
      • 83
        Accessory Gear Boxes

    • Agreements with key industry partners to support this platform, including
      OEM’s and manufacturers, play a vital role in the company’s commitment to its
      “Total Support” approach to legacy platform sustainment. Kellstrom Defense has identified the major H-60/S-60 distribution channel deficits and partnered with
      providers to bridge that gap. We collaborate with OEM’s, manufacturers and
      Customers to establish a formula for the optimum balance between pricing and availability.


    • Kellstrom Repair Services owns and operates FAA and
      EASA approved Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
      facilities across multiple sites and employs an alliance of
      certi­fied and licensed partners.


      APU, EDC, Cooling Turbine, Fuel and Pneumatic Solutions:
      Kellstrom Repair Services (KRS) is a 14 CFR Part-145 and EASA Part-145 repair station specializing in the complete repair and overhaul of hydraulic, fuel, electro-mechanical, pneumatic accessories, landing gear, wheels and brakes, C-130 APU overhaul, and various instruments in support of U.S. manufactured, legacy military aircraft. Capabilities extend beyond repairs to incorporate tooling development, engineering design, and fabrication.

      Avionic, Hydraulic and Landing Gear Solutions:
      Kellstrom Repair Services-Miramar is a FAA (3KRR581C) and EASA (145.4529) approved repair station specializing in the complete repair and overhaul of Accessory Class III and Instrument Class I, II, III and IV products.

      Repair Management: Leveraging In-house Capabilities and Qualified Network of Resources
      With a dedicated group of experts having a combined experience of over 70 years in the aviation industry, we have established strategic alliances with Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service centers around the world to offer a full spectrum of repair capabilities to our customers. There are numerous advantages associated with a single point repair management solution: Single Point of Contact, Regulatory Administration, Finance Administration, Warranty Management and Economies of Scale.
    • We team with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation approved sources to offer a number of engineering and manufacturing solutions designed to reduce traditional replacement costs and lead times of aging airframe components. Our experience on the H-60/S-60 platform encompasses both knowledge and capability across many of the airframe elements of the aircraft including the manufacture of numerous airframe components. This has afforded us substantial experience working within the parameters of the OEM’s quality and technical documentation, and enabled us to provide solutions for challenges unique to the H-60/S-60’s lifecycle.

    • In an effort to offer maximum benefits from our “Total Support” business model, we work with our Customers to establish short and long term program packages customized to specific sustainment requirements and budget limitations. Current programs include:

      Contractor Logistics Support (CLS):

      We offer our Customers comprehensive parts management for H-60/S-60 fleet sustainment in collaboration with their depot maintenance partners.

      Rotable Repair

      We offer rotable inventory management programs including exchange pools for systems and sub-systems: hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, fuel and engine, etc.

      Life Extension/
      Sub-system Upgrades:

      We offer system modernizations designed to extend service life by replacing obsolete systems and components with modern solutions.